How to Build a Kick-Ass Compact Home Gym Under $200

How to Build a Kick-Ass Compact Home Gym Under $200

Compact home gym has become a rage after the CORONA pandemic and rightly so. Even though gyms have opened in select localities the risk associated is not completely gone as yet.

As far as working out is concerned, we must get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise in a week with two full body strength training sessions and at least two sessions of stretching exercises /yoga.



A lot of people think that home gym is expensive to set up or one should have all those fancy equipment that you see in a gym, but this is not the case.

There are three aspects to complete physical fitness:

  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility or yoga

And you can get an amazing workout with just a couple of equipment fulfilling all these aspects of cardio, strength training and flexibility or stretching.

Before you begin to plan about the compact home gym equipment that you might need, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Your goal: different people have different fitness goals in mind. If you are looking to get bulked up in your compact home gym, it’s no point buying the equipment that will just tone you up. If you are more of a jogger you will need different home gym equipment. Ideally you should be looking towards a well-rounded work out but whatever your fitness goal may be, the home gym equipment that you buy should be able to support your fitness goals.

Your space: The next important thing that you look for while deciding a compact home gym is your space available. Most exercises can be accomplished in a small 6×6 area. However if you want to accommodate treadmill/rowers it might take a larger space

Your budget; How much are you willing to invest in your compact home gym? You can do your cardio workout with $10 rope and you can do your cardio workout on a $1000 treadmill too.

 Ok let us now assemble a compact home gym in a budget. What all will you need to get a killer workout at home without breaking bank.
Let’s go


  Want to do intense cardio in your compact home gym but can’t afford $500 treadmill? Think out of the box, get the humble jumping rope. It not only gives you a killer workout but 10 minutes of jumping rope gives you same benefits as 60 minutes of speed jogging.


#2-Dumbbells for strength training.

As discussed earlier strength training or muscle build-up is essential for a well-rounded workout. A set of dumbbells will be fine a lightweight and a heavier one.



#3- A Set of Resistance Bands:

Adding variation is also important in your compact home gym so getting a set of two arm resistance bands (the one you can easily attach to a door frame) will really help. These bands are sturdy and  mimic the workout of a cable machine.


#6-Balance From GoYoga Mat: No workout is complete without yoga and this mat is another important item from our home gym essentials list.


Now, let’s have a look  at the price of these items respectively:

  • A jumping rope  is  around $10
  • A Set of dumbbells around $39 
  • Resistance band set around $29
  • Yoga Mat around  $28
  • Fitness tracker around  $19
  • The Exercise Ball around $19

Everything combined on this compact home gym list is around $144. If you still want to squeeze your budget and you are a beginner, I suggest you can skip the set of dumbbells and exercise ball.

I know a lot of people may not agree with my suggestion of skipping the dumbbells but when you are a beginner the cable/resistance bands are easier to get the correct form in comparison to dumbbells. Also, don’t forget to get a good pair of sneakers.

 Happy exercising!

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