Amazon Medicine Ball Review 2020

Amazon Medicine Ball Review 2020

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I’m sure you know about amazon medicine ball even if you don’t worry, I will be telling you everything about this product. You can call it amazon medicine ball or amazon weighted ball, it does not really matter, it is the same thing.

What you can do with it is to really push your body’s fitness to the next level so let’s go and find out how good this product really is.


The main reason I use amazon medicine ball is really for my core so this comes in really handy when you doing things like :

  • Mason twists
  • Rotational exercises and even
  • Some power movements as well if you’re throwing it straight to the ground as hard as you can or if you’re doing power exercises, you’re throwing off the ball and someone throws the ball back to you.

The above exercise is really good if you’re on an incline bench and do some power throw.

If you prefer to work out at home with this movement, make sure you have a clean area and no other equipment in this particular range.

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Again I really like it for rotational or hard-throwing exercises or power exercises and of course your core abdominal exercises. 

It is really good for you as you can use it for other things like balance exercises and stuff but I find it’s most effective when you want for power workout or other rotational core movements so that’s where I really use an amazon medicine ball.

It comes really well built. I tried pressing it with all my energy but nothing happened.

It has a sturdy rubber construction and therefore it bounces also well.

You can also throw this ball back and forth with your partner and get a good workout.
Due to its texture, it offers a real good grip.

You can actually achieve a lot with Amazon medicine ball in terms of:


Conclusion;  Amazon medicine ball offers a good workout, especially for your core. What are you waiting for? Go Buy it.