5 Reasons You Should Not Miss Buying Core Max If You Are 40 Plus!

5 Reasons You Should Not Miss Buying Core Max If You Are 40 Plus!

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In this post i will tell you why you should not miss buying Core max .You know after a certain age many of us struggle with our belly fat or abdominal fat at times called love handles .
you know what I’m talking about and it’s an area that is so difficult to get rid of but today we will find a fun easy and effective way to lose inches around our waist, tighten our core at the same time and have fun while we do it , sounds unbelievable? Hold on …it’s not.

By the time you reach 40 it’s an area that no matter how much I diet, or I jog, I do everything but the mid section remains as is. No change whatsoever.
But thanks to Core Max, we can really work on our middle now.

I’m so excited because I want to tell you how it works. Your life will never be the same.

Complete body workout; With core max you get to work :

  • The core obviously
  • Your arms that is your biceps and triceps,
  • Your back
  • Your glutes
  • The back of your legs, the front of your legs and also the calf muscles.

It also provides the resistance exercises with resistance bands and has a fitness tracker (you get the fitness tracker with core max pro deluxe version) to track the:

  • Heart rate
  • Number of reps
  • Calories burnt.

There are also 3 resistance levels to choose from and you get a complete body workout involving eight movements in 8 minutes a day.



I feel the core max pro has been very effectively designed to give us a complete body workout with maximum emphasis on the core. The best thing I like about it is , in only 8 minutes you get a complete workout.